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Land of Volcanoes

The soil of the Badacsony wine region is basalt, pannonsand, loess. Climatic conditions are submediterranean with lots of sunshine.

As there are no two identical wine regions, there are no two identical wines. Our wines carry the character of Badacsony and of the vintage.


Our aim is to create unique but still characteristic Badacsony wines. Beside traditional varieties, like Olaszriziling and Pinot Gris, we also experiment with international varieties.


Éliás Csaba

"Two millennia can't be wrong. Even the Celts and Romans have planted vines on Badacsony, the mountain that is one of the noblest vineyards. And what now is our vineyard as well. It is a dream come true that I can cultivate grapes at this place."


Sipos Zsolt

"I was born in Badacsony. I never thought that such a change would go through in this region. I feel lucky to spend my everyday life in the vine and be able to live with the miracles of nature and sometimes with its challenges."

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